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The writers

Gert Crum

Gert Crum is a well-known international wine journalist. He is the author of many wine books. His book Domaine de la Romanée-Conti has been translated into English, French, German and Japanese, and has been chosen Best Wine Book Worldwide. Also just released: Champagne, The Future Uncorked.

Dylan van Eijkeren

Dylan van Eijkeren is journalist. He has written five books, including Het beste restaurant van Italië (Italy’s Best Restaurant) and is restaurant critic for the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. He thinks of himself as a simple man: his favourite wine-food pairing is fried blue crab and a cold glass of ‘vino verde’.

Ronald Giphart

Ronald Giphart is a bestselling author and passionate gourmand. He and his wife, Mascha, have written a cookbook entitled: Vurrukkulluk.

Laura de Grave

Culinary expert Laura de Grave writes for Jamie magazine, Bouillon! magazine, and others, and has contributed to a variety of culinary books. Her own cookbook, Amsterdam kookboek (Amsterdam Cokkery Book) is a bestseller. Her love of food...

Gerrit Jan Groothedde

Gerrit Jan Groothedde is a Dutch food and health writer. This slim Burgundian is convinced that healthy eating without paying attention to taste and quality is impossible.

Harold Hamersma

Harold Hamersma is The Netherlands best-known wine journalist. He appears regularly on radio and TV. He is the author of a variety of books, including annual wine guides and the Dutch best seller, Wijnreis door mijn lichaam (A voyage of wine through this body of mine).

Ronald Hoeben

Photographer, filmer and journalist Ronald Hoeben contributed weekly restaurant reviews to HP, HP/De Tijd and NRC Handelsblad from 1980 to 2014. Since 2008, he has posted more than 1100 videos on his website, All about food, naturally.

Marjan Ippel

Chips fanatic and tea snob Marjan Ippel is food trend analyst and culinary journalist. She also writes for Elle Eten,, Holland Herald and her own website: Talkin’ Food. She loves China and Chinese food.

Peter Klosse

Peter Klosse is known as the ‘Palate Professor’. He has a PhD in flavour and is lecturer in Gastronomy at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht. Many of The Netherlands’ best sommeliers and chefs are graduates of his Academy of Gastronomy (Academie voor Gastronomie) in Hoog Soeren.

Karin Kuijpers

Karin Kuijpers is a lifestyle journalist. She is also a contributor to Metro Mode, Linda, Financieel Dagblad, Grazia and other journals and magazines.

Lorenzo Ledel

Lorenzo Ledel is the publisher and editor of gastronomy magazine Vision. He is passionate about food and drinks, and thinks of himself as a more than average ‘home-chef’.

Rick Nieman

Journalist and author Rick Nieman thinks of his visits to top restaurants el Bulli, Noma and Alinea as high points in his life. But he also enjoys a nice ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (Dutch herring), or croquette. Just not when they come wrapped in plastic.

Stefan Popa

Stefan Popa is copywriter, journalist and author of three novels. In his books, he enjoys making references to good food and drink. And tucked away in the pages of his debut novel is his grandmother’s recipe for stuffed peppers.

Bianca Roemaat

Bianca Roemaat is a food service industry journalist and author. She is a specialist in the writing of ‘flavoursome texts’. She is fed by a healthy hunger for knowledge in her field, has a nose for a good story and an eye for things industry oriented. She writes for a number of popular and field magazines. In addition, she helps industry professionals to reach their guests by providing them with text that is good enough to eat.

Sherrill Rose, translations into english

Sherrill Rose is a language consultant (that’s a fancy word for translator). She fell down a rabbit hole some years ago, and woke up in the Netherlands. Since then she has been searching high and low for a decent cup of tea and a good translation for the Dutch word gezellig.

Ellen Scholtens

Ellen Scholtens is a culinary journalist/writer, good food advisor and Food Festival organizer, including: KunsthalKOOKT, the first Pure Food Festival in The Netherlands.

Joop Tebbens

Joop Tebbens calls himself a food lover and food writer. In 2013, the Algemeen Dagblad called him a ‘passionate visitor to Michelin star restaurants’. This Burgundian-of-the-north has dined in more than 150 such establishments. He enjoys wining-and-dining, and writing about the experience.

Ron Vermeulen

Ron Vermeulen is hospitality consultant, concept developer, food writer and all-round great host. He has worked internationally in restaurants of high repute. Ron writes passionately about the world of fine dining (see his food-market website) and is a permanent judge for the Wine Bar of the Year award.